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Redefining Brows

Have you been hearing about Henna Brows and wondering what it is all about?

Do you have any of the following issues with your brows?

  • Gaps in your brows?
  • Unhappy with your natural brow shape?
  • Hair that grows in the wrong area?
  • Curly hairs?
  • Coarse hair?
  • Grey or white hairs that will not hold tint no matter how long your tint is left on?
Henna Brows - By Killiney Beauty Dublin
Henna Brows Killiney Beauty Salon Dublin

Why Henna?

Henna is natural and is only mixed with water – no other product is needed to use it, making it perfect for sensitive skin types.

Henna is less intense and permanent than micro-blading and can last upto 6 weeks.

Unlike normal brow tint henna does not require the use of ammonia or hydrogen peroxide to develop the eyebrow colour. 

Although henna is a natural product you still require a patch test.

The Process

Here's the plan

Patch Test

1 First you will be patch tested between 24-48 hours prior to having your Henna Brow Treatment.

If you have no reaction to the Henna you can go ahead with your treatment.

Henna Brows - By Killiney Beauty Dublin Ireland


2At your consultation before your Henna Brow treatment you will talk to your Henna Brows Technician about your brows, what look you want to achieve with your treatment, whether you want a fuller brow, a natural look and what colour and shape you want.

Henna Colours

3We have 6 different henna colours to choose from which can also be mixed to achieve different tones and looks on the brow.

Ombre is a really effective look, for example a lighter shade can be applied to the bulb of the brow (the area of your brow that meets your frown area) and tapered off with a darker colour throughout the rest of the brow and through to the ends.

Henna Brows - By Killiney Beauty Dublin Ireland

Henna Application

4 Your brows are cleansed to remove any natural oils and makeup and then measured and marked by your Henna Brows Technician.

After you select your henna colour the henna is mixed with mineral water and applied to the brow area with a brush and left for the required development time. It is then removed.

Brow Shaping

5 Your Henna Brows Technician will then wax, tweeze and trim your brows to reveal your new Henna Brows which will last from anywhere between 4-6 weeks.

Henna Brows - By Killiney Beauty Dublin Ireland


6 After your Henna Brows treatment you will be told not to cleanse or let water near the brow area for 24 hours. The henna is still adhering to the skin and hair and by leaving the henna for 24 hours you are maximising the length of time the henna will last on your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Henna?

Henna is a natural dye prepared from the plant hina. Henna can also refer to the temporary body art resulting from the staining of the skin from the dye. Henna Brow dye unlike regular tint will also tint the skin along with the hair giving the brow a much fuller look and will last a lot longer than regular tint.

Who are Henna Brows suitable for?

Henna Brows are suitable for everyone particularly people who want a daily low maintenance brow routine. There is no need to fill your brows in when you have henna brows as the henna stains the skin and hair giving a naturally redefined brow.

Why choose Henna Brows over a regular tint and brow shape?

Henna is natural and is only mixed with mineral water - no other product is needed. Unlike normal brow tint henna does not require the use of ammonia or hydrogen peroxide to develop the eyebrow colour. Henna acts in much the same way as a temporary tattoo staining the skin along with the hair. Henna Brows will last between 4-6 weeks which is much longer than a regular tint and shape.

How long do Henna Brows last?

Henna Brows will last between 4-6 weeks

How long does the Henna Brows Treatment take?

The Henna Brows Treatment takes approximately 30 minutes

Does it hurt?

Waxing is part of the henna brows treatment but as the wax is removed in small sections there is minimal discomfort to the client so the overall treatment is quite relaxing.

Can I play sport or swim immediately after the treatment?

You cannot do any activity where you will sweat so going to the gym, any sport or swimming is a no for 24 hours. The reason for this is that you are allowing the henna to adhere adequately to the skin and hair follicle.

Can I wear makeup straight after the treatment?

You can only wear a mineral based makeup after your treatment as a mineral based makeup will still allow your skin to breathe.

What is a Henna Tint Top Up?

A Henna Tint-Top-Up is when we tint your brows with henna and do not do any waxing or shaping. It is amazing for redefining the brows a few weeks after you had your Henna Brow treatment, or anytime for that matter.

Can Henna be used over micro-bladed brows which have faded?

Henna works incredibly well over brows that have previously been micro-bladed and have since faded over time. As our henna tints the skin as well as the hair we can fill in the areas as required.

Is there any aftercare I need to be aware of with Henna Brows?

After your Henna Brows Treatment you will be told not to cleanse or let water near the brow area for 24 hours. The henna is still adhering to the skin and hair and by leaving the henna for 24 hours you are maximising the length of time the henna will last on your skin and hair.

Why are we cheaper than other salons offering Henna Brow treatments?

We use our own special premium blend of henna which is manufactured and mixed for us in India by a leading henna supplier, therefore cutting out the middle man allowing us to offer henna brows to you at the best quality and best price.


Before and After Henna Brows


Good people. Good words.

Got henna brows done and couldn't be more happy with them! love them! would highly recommend!
Leah Daly
Got henna brows done today by the lovely Lesley. I'm really happy with the way they turned out. Lovely salon. Thanks again ❤️ them
Sharon Luccato
I got the henna brow done a few weeks ago and still can't believe the result weeks later. My brows still look like they've only been done. I've really fair hair and normal tint is gone after a week. Would do recommend the henna brows. Thank you so much.
Leanne Kelly
Thank you to Leslie and her team for giving me an instant facelift and lovely new nails and henna brows.Never win any competitions so it was great to win this one. Thanks, I'll be back!!

Deirdre Turner
Love my henna brows!Makes such a difference to the frame of my face.I'd highly recommend them..No more pencilling in/brow shaping worries before i head into work in the morning or for a night out..they're my new addiction,thanks Leslie😊xx
Rachael Laoidheach
I love killiney beauty best for eyebrows only place I've gone to for past 3 yrs once I found them Leslie is so nice to deal with comfortable salon i just love the henna brows they last for weeks no need to pencil in eyebrows highly recommended
Terri Kane
Henna brows are a must. lasted nearly 6 weeks and didn't have to fill them in or anything. highly recommended 😍
KT Heffernan
Won a competition to have henna brows done turned out fab delighted with them love the fact it was done in stages so i could say i wanted them darker would happily go back see you in 6 weeks ladies highlyrecommend killiney beauty
Sue Downer

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Henna Brows - By Killiney Beauty Dublin Ireland

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Henna Brows - By Killiney Beauty

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